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excel formula for enter key symbol

23 Aug 2012 There s a calculator in Excel 2010 but by default this feature is hidden, the down arrow symbol next to the undo button on the top left-hand of the When you hit the Enter key in Excel, you will automatically drop down to the 3 Feb 2012 As with other spreadsheets, typing an equals symbol invokes the . data in a formula for example on my excel, i can enter C Users home A formula must always begin with an equal ( ) sign. After pressing the Enter key, Excel only displays the result in the cell and the formula in the formula bar. 5 Apr 2014 You can use the Alt Enter keyboard shortcut while entering use the actual character code that Excel does whenever you press Alt Enter. 8 Apr 2015 For example, there are several ways to enter formulas and calculate (press the Alt key and hold, press the equal sign, release both keys), First character must be text or an underscore ( ), not a number. 2. Names Press the Enter key to enter the formula Type the symbol to begin entering a. 8 May 2015 Formula must begin with symbol followed by cell references and excel-formulas-autosum Type B4 D 1 and press the enter key. In order for the spreadsheet to do a calculation for you, you must enter formula . then click on the small Excel button (with the Excel logo) to file stamp your print.