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treasure key destiny year 2 legendary

May 19, 2015 a year ago As many of you are aware, the ways to get treasure keys are as a minimum of 1,000 Judgment reputation, 2 Armor Cores, 2 Weapon Cores Legendary armor from the chests at the end of the level 28 difficulty. Sep 3, 2015 On September 8th, we'll all begin to experience much of the Year 2 groundwork. What's leaving Destiny when you download the 2.0 update: you previously earned Vanguard/Crucible marks will now grant Legendary Marks. will now have a chance to drop from the Prison of Elders Treasure Chest. Jun 3, 2015 Legendary engrams don't grow on trees ya know! Destiny's latest patch, now guarantees at least one treasure key every week, simply by Red Bull (2) . Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has “unprecedented” value this year. Apr 12, 2016 Legendary and Exotic drops from many sources now attempt to drop with Attack or Keys are no longer required to open the Prison of Elders chest . The following Year 1 Armor Exotics have been converted for Year 2: . Players are guaranteed to receive up to three Sterling Treasures per account by  Destiny - Year 2 Legendary Stranger's Rifle and How To Get One.mp3 Destiny Treasure Key | Treasure Key = Etheric Light Exotics Armor Core Weapon Core  May 19, 2015 Step 2: Participate In The Prison Of Elders Level 32 Make sure to take treasure keys as well, which can be dropped from the queens wrath bounties. We both got 2 exotics and 2 maxed legendaries (1 of each from PoE). May 28, 2015 Players learned that Treasure Keys opened a huge golden chest at the end of the A guaranteed Legendary from the Queen's Wrath arsenal, but more . Perhaps it's only like 2% for 32, but by the time you get to 35, you  Sep 22, 2015 Destiny can be overwhelming with how much it asks players to learn, so we've put Players with Treasure Keys in their inventories can open special loot chests Armor can be purchased once a Guardian has reached level 2 in a Ascendant shards level up Legendary gear; Exotic shards level up Exotic  May 19, 2015 discussions in /r/DestinyTheGame SGASGA- Treasure Keys are not guaranteed rewards for Prison of Elders, but will . Keys, which are required for the big chest with exotics and legendaries in it, are not guaranteed to drop. I only opened 2 big chests, and I got more loot out of the 28 than I did the 32. Sep 10, 2015 Before the 2.0 update, most of my treasure keys came from Queen's Wrath bounties. Where can I get treasure keys now that 2.0 is here? Is the only 2 points (100% upvoted). shortlink: remember me reset password. login  May 7, 2015 Everything you need to know about Destiny's Prison of Elders serious work to do if they want to keep their 10-year Destiny plan going. face off against 5 waves of enemies to gain legendary and exotic rewards. Once you have completed all 5 round you will be given a Treasure Key and be returned to  May 20, 2015 (Question) I accidentally used a treasure key on my first PoE run on lvl 28 and got the discussions in /r/DestinyTheGame on giving it to us in Year 2 (and the fact that 7 exotics are still hidden/locked) I used a treasure key I got as a reward for completing the quest line and got a legendary and 2 exotics. Sep 22, 2014 I might even stop by in my almost full legendary with 2 exotic pieces level 27 .. I've got Legendary helmet, chest plate and boots for my Hunter, but I've got Currently; 10 legendary engrams from the treasure cave in 3 hours, 

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